A non-invasive procedure to help improve your feet’s health.

acupuncture footAt Divine Footcare Center, Inc., we give our clients a non-invasive treatment process that speeds up healing for chronic pains and reduces soreness levels. Through Laser Pain Management, pain is potentially completely eliminated and swelling is prevented.

For many of our clients, the treatment offers benefits like reduced muscle spasms that lead to pain – thus, enabling them to be more mobile or have a wider range of motion.

This procedure must be facilitated by professionals using Low-Level Laser Therapy where specific light wavelengths are the key element to treat chronic pain.

Please Set an Appointment now for a consultation. We can determine if you are a good candidate for Laser Pain Management Therapy. You can also contact us at 972-790-2800 if you have any inquiries.

What Is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free, and non-surgical procedure that is utilized to treat damaged tissues; with this, it can promote tissue recovery and reduce inflammation. 
Class IV Laser Therapy is one of the safest ways to treat acute and chronic conditions that can cause ankle and foot pain. Various researches have supported its effectiveness and they include the following:

Increased blood circulation. This helps make the treatment process faster.
Reduced scar tissue. Ankle foot damages are mostly caused by certain injuries.
Accelerated cellular reproduction. Faster cellular growth and reproduction helps make cells in bones, ligaments, muscle tissues, and cartilage repair faster and more effective.
How Does Cell Therapy Work?
Class IV Cell Therapy is utilized to treat pain in various parts of the body by healing tissue damage faster and decreasing inflammation.
The procedure includes using light energy against a patient’s skin. This process initiates a reaction on the affected cells’ mitochondria and enhances the body’s natural regenerative functions. This promotes the healing of affected tissue.
This procedure is non-surgical since it uses the benefits of laser energy. Class IV Laser Therapy uses a high power diode laser that feels warm on the skin that helps a patient relax.
Here are some common source of foot pain:

Arthritis and inflammation
Ankle sprains
Neuroma (or a pinched nerve)
Hallux limitus (or a stiff big toe joint)
Plantar fasciitis – which can cause moderate to severe pain in a person’s heel.
Tendonitis including:
Achilles tendonitis
Posterior tendonitis (or PTTD)
Peroneal tendonitis (this affects the midfoot and arch)


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