Ways to Heal Your Feet Faster from an Injury

Ways to Heal Your Feet Faster from an Injury

Have you been in an accident affecting your feet? Do you want to speed up the healing process? If you do, it helps to seek reputable podiatric care experts in Texas to ensure you’ll get the therapies you need. Meanwhile, the following tips will also help you hasten the healing.

  • Step 1: If the doctor permits, avail of reflexology services
    Of course, you need to consult a doctor first if you’re allowed to undergo a reflexology massage with the current condition of your feet. Foot reflexology can help stimulate your foot’s muscles and nerves, improving the blood circulation. This could also help alleviate the pain.
  • Step 2: Rest and keep your injured foot raised
    Raising your injured foot will help reduce the swelling. Doing this also keeps the blood circulating properly. Avoid any extraneous physical activity using your feet. Yes, it helps to practice with little movements, but you should also remember that healing comes with patience.
  • Step 3: Ice your foot 2 to 3 times daily for 20 minutes
    Applying ice compress on your injured foot is one of the best ways to reduce the pain while reducing the swelling. However, you shouldn’t apply the ice directly on the skin. Wrap the ice with a cloth before tapping it gently on the injured foot.
  • Step 4: Wear the right protective or surgical supplies
    If the doctor requires you to wear a boot, be sure to do so. Use crutches if you really need to. Replace the bandages as frequently as necessary to avoid infections

The healing process of an injured foot really takes time, especially if it includes damage to the bones. However, you can certainly speed up the healing processes with the right services, medical attention, and the tips above. If you want to avail of therapies, just be sure to avail your therapies from a leading foot care center in Irving, Texas. If you’re in Texas, you can rely on Divine Footcare Center, Inc for top quality therapies and massages services.

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