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Want to Have Healthy Feet all the Time? Develop These as Habits

If you have a fast-paced and active lifestyle, nothing is more important than having a healthy feet. But a heel pain, bunion, or Athlete’s foot are always around the corner if you’re not careful. Yes, you can always visit a foot care center in Irving, Texas if you happen to have any of these conditions. … Continue reading

Foods That Sabotage Your Muscle Health and Running Performance

You’ve already put in time and effort at the gym. And you certainly deserve a treat once in a while. Just don’t overdo your cheat meals and load up on the following foods that can ruin your muscle health and running performance: Bagels, Doughnuts, and Pretzels With their high calorie and sugar content, these foods … Continue reading

Marathon Tips: Foods and Therapies for Runners

Joining a marathon is a huge trend today. Aside from the fitness aspect of this activity, many people also consider this activity as a way to cope with stress and find friends. If you’re preparing for your first ever marathon, take note that you have to undergo proper training. It’s also good to visit podiatric … Continue reading

Ways You Can Treat Your Heel Pain

You’d never feel at ease or convenient if your heel is aching, right? More so if you’re practicing for sports or a marathon and you suddenly feel a searing pain in your heels during one of your practices. Don’t worry! There are ways to treat this condition. For starters, be sure to visit a foot … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Regular Foot Massage

Many people might consider it additional expense or vanity, but the truth is regular foot massage is beneficial in a lot of ways. Aside from the kind of relaxing atmosphere foot massage centers usually have, there are also expert staff you can ask for tips on how best to take care of your feet. The … Continue reading

Ways to Heal Your Feet Faster from an Injury

Have you been in an accident affecting your feet? Do you want to speed up the healing process? If you do, it helps to seek reputable podiatric care experts in Texas to ensure you’ll get the therapies you need. Meanwhile, the following tips will also help you hasten the healing. Step 1: If the doctor … Continue reading