Ingrown Toe Nails

ImageIngrown Toe Nails can be very uncomfortable, not to mention painful. When not treated properly, it could lead to infection by way of bacterial invasion through the nail margin sliced by the nail plate into the soft tissues of your toes. At the onset of an Ingrown Toe Nail or even the potential growth of such, treatment must be done to relieve the patient of discomfort and pain.

Divine Footcare Center, Inc. provides remedies for Ingrown Toe Nails that are close to painless with minimized discomfort during the procedure. We administer treatments that will relieve you of the ingrown toenail and speed up the healing of the wound.

In most cases, patients are able to resume normal activities or participation in sports on the following day after the procedure. However, this is a case-to-case basis so we highly recommend that you consult with our experts at Divine Footcare Center, Inc. beforehand.

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