Marathon Tips: Foods and Therapies for Runners

Marathon Tips: Foods and Therapies for Runners

Joining a marathon is a huge trend today. Aside from the fitness aspect of this activity, many people also consider this activity as a way to cope with stress and find friends.

If you’re preparing for your first ever marathon, take note that you have to undergo proper training. It’s also good to visit podiatric care experts in Texas to guide you on how best to take care of your feet. It helps to follow a therapy program and unique food preference as well to develop your body’s stamina for the race.

  • Food Choice for Runners

    Diet is an essential part of the preparation. Avoid eating three heavy meals per day. Instead, eat small meals every four hours to stabilize your energy. Don’t eat too much or too little, and avoid junk foods. Ditch those foods that cause inflammation, such as meats, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. Instead, it’s best to have a plant-based diet. Don’t load up on too much fiber when you practice or during the race because this can sit in your stomach for a long time and cause digestive problems.

  • Apt Therapies for Marathoners

    Aside from eating right, you should also take good care of your feet by undergoing therapies. Specifically, foot reflexology helps in stimulating the nerves and muscles of your feet. During your practices, integrate the right cross-training technique, such as swimming and yoga, to improve muscle flexibility. You can also avail of injury prevention, conditioning, and strength programs to prepare your feet for the run. Sports physical therapy can also help you internalize the basics of marathon and running.

Yes, it’s fun to join a marathon. More so if you’re well-prepared for the race. By following the food preference guide and recommended therapies above, rest assured that you can finish your first race with a bang.

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