Learn more about the causes of dry skin, its symptoms, and how you can relieve and prevent it.

dry skinDo you have dry, cracked feet? Dry skin is usually the cause of cracked heels, typically appearing on areas of the feet such as the heels and soles. At Divine Footcare Center, Inc., we offer several treatments and recommendations to help our clients experiencing this common problem.


Dry skin is not necessarily dangerous; however, it can become painful especially if the cracking starts to bleed. It can also lead to an infection which is a serious problem for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Dry skin is caused by several factors, such as age, diabetes, ill-fitting footwear, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, and certain skin conditions.


The symptoms of dry skin include flaky or red patches, itchiness, peeling, and cracked skin.

Relief and Prevention

Some of the best ways to relieve and prevent dry, cracked skin on your feet are to:

  • Use good therapeutic creams and ointments. Avoid using lotions. Lotions typically contain alcohol which can dry out your skin more.
  • Wear comfortable, good-fitting shoes.
  • Use a sandstone or pumice stone to file dry, hard skin. This allows moisturizers to better penetrate your skin.

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