Want to Have Healthy Feet all the Time? Develop These as Habits

If you have a fast-paced and active lifestyle, nothing is more important than having a healthy feet. But a heel pain, bunion, or Athlete’s foot are always around the corner if you’re not careful. Yes, you can always visit a foot care center in Irving, Texas if you happen to have any of these conditions. … Continue reading

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Foods That Sabotage Your Muscle Health and Running Performance

You’ve already put in time and effort at the gym. And you certainly deserve a treat once in a while. Just don’t overdo your cheat meals and load up on the following foods that can ruin your muscle health and running performance: Bagels, Doughnuts, and Pretzels With their high calorie and sugar content, these foods … Continue reading

Diet Tips for Runners: Nutrients Your Bones and Muscles Will Love

Are you new to the world of running? Are you excited about your next marathon? If you are, be sure to take good care of your feet. You can start by visiting a foot care center in Irving, Texas for a relaxing and pain-relieving massage. It’s also important to be careful with your food. Studies … Continue reading

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Habits to Develop for Long-Term Muscle Health

Did you know that our body consists of over 600 types of muscles? There are muscles for lifting, blood pumping, breathing, and other bodily functions. If you’re an athletic person, you probably understand the importance of each muscle in the body. Perhaps, you even visit a foot care center in Irving, Texas to pamper your … Continue reading

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Pre-Race Massage and Therapies For Runners

You’ve already put in the hard work prior to the race! You’ve spent time and effort in improving your run time, and the last thing you’d like to happen is an accident or injury. Studies show that undergoing the necessary massages and therapies from a reliable foot care center in Irving, Texas prior to the … Continue reading

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Weekend Activities Runners Can Do To De-Stress

If you’re a runner or athlete, you’ve probably spent hours and hours to train. This can put a lot of stress on your feet and leg muscles. And it is only right to ensure you’ll recover faster and effectively to survive another week of intensive training. Are you worried because your race day is coming … Continue reading

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