Foods That Sabotage Your Muscle Health and Running Performance

Foods That Sabotage Your Muscle Health and Running Performance

You’ve already put in time and effort at the gym. And you certainly deserve a treat once in a while. Just don’t overdo your cheat meals and load up on the following foods that can ruin your muscle health and running performance:

  • Bagels, Doughnuts, and Pretzels

    With their high calorie and sugar content, these foods can do nothing else but give you additional weight. The next thing you know you’re too heavy and out of breath to run another mile. Or worse, your feet and leg muscles ache with your new weight. If you’ve already binged on these foods and had some aches and pain in your feet, a visit to the foot care center in Irving, Texas will help you recover.

  • Alcohol and Soda

    Alcohol and soda are great beverages to have during a weekend night out with friends. But you have to remember that caffeine and alcohol can weaken the bones. A better way to pamper yourself is to visit podiatric care experts in Texas and avail of a foot massage.

  • Sodium-rich foods

    Sodium and fat can get you bloated. And you can get this pesky chemical element from your favorite foods. Specifically, sodium content is high in cured ham, sausages, and pepperoni pizza. So if you’re a runner or are serious about your workout, avoid these foods at all cost.

Achieving muscle-health and high running performance are really about discipline, be it in the workout and diet. Yes, eating is a good way to treat yourself after a long week or day of training. But make sure you’re bingeing on the right meals or snacks. Or better yet, just treat yourself to another stress-relieving activity, such as foot reflexology from Divine Footcare Center, Inc.

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