Easy and Effective Tips to Prepare Your Feet for a Marathon


Are you hooked with running and are now looking forward to joining a marathon? If you are, be sure to prepare your feet accordingly. Remember that you’re going to put pressure on your feet as you increase your running speed and mileage as you practice. To help you get started, here are some tips that might help:

  • Give your feet muscles some preparation. Visit a foot care center in Irving, Texas to massage your feet with some therapeutic lotion or essential oils. This will stimulate your feet’s muscles and nerves for better functioning.
  • Find time to give your feet a break. Yes, it’s good to be consistent with your practices. But be sure to allocate one or two days for rest days. During these days, you can visit podiatric care experts in Texas to check if your feet are in top condition. Experts can diagnose and treat muscular issues a normal person won’t notice.
  • Avail of a foot reflexology service to ease the muscle and heel pain at least every week.
  • Wear the right shoes and clean socks even during your practices. This is to avoid rashes, bunions, and athlete’s foot.
  • Don’t experiment or try anything new on the date of the marathon. Specifically, avoid changing shoes or socks during the race day, especially those new ones that might cause abrasions to your feet.
  • Increase your running speed and mileage gradually. Yes, it’s good to be passionate. But be sure to don’t exhaust your feet by running more than you need to during your practices. Allow yourself and your feet to adjust before going an extra mile or two.

Running a marathon can certainly give you the excitement you need. Just be sure to prepare yourself accordingly, especially your feet. If you need footcare experts to help you, feel free to visit or contact Divine Footcare Center, Inc.

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